Program Details

The Certified Patient Service Specialist® (CPSS) program establishes a national standard of excellence that recognizes and promotes the professionalism of staff in the ophthalmology practices and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) by providing certification and continuing education focused on increasing the quality of patient care.

Join the growing ranks of your colleagues who are using CPSS® to offer a professional development pathway for all employees, as well as to provide exciting new growth opportunities for experienced staff.

Click here to view the CPSS Policy and Procedure Manual.

Introduction to the CPSS® Program Presentation: Download PPT

Use this PowerPoint Presentation to present the CPSS® program to your physicians, managers, and staff. The presentation includes information on why certification is important, how the program works, and the benefits of achieving CPSS® status.

The Benefits of CPSS® Certification: Download PDF

    CPSS Areas of Knowledge
  • Establishes the Certified Patient Service Specialist® as a recognized professional in the medical practice.
  • Creates a national standard of proficiency for staff.
  • Creates growth opportunities for experienced staff.
  • Offers a professional development pathway for experienced and new employees.
  • Provides a potential competitive advantage for the practice in third-party contracting.
  • Establishes an expectation for continuing education through the recertification process.
  • Indicates a high level of competency and commitment to patients.
  • Offers a tangible employee benefit that supports staff retention.
  • Highlights the encouragement and support of the physicians and administration.
  • Offers competitive marketing advantages for the practice.

How the CPSS® Program Works: Download PDF

  1. Practice or ASC makes internal commitment to support the CPSS® program, submits application, one-time registration fee, and applicant fee for each eligible employee.
  2. Practice management team receives all program materials, including a detailed Administrator’s Guide.
  3. Program administrator becomes familiar with all training materials, receiving help from the CPSS® support staff as needed.
  4. Employee receives login information from practice management.
  5. Employee studies 19 study courses available through the CPSS® program.
  6. Employee takes comprehensive computerized certification test with 130 questions.
  7. Employee immediately is notified of test results. Upon achieving a passing score, employee receives a certificate of recognition and certification pin.
  8. ASC employees will complete additional ASC training and submit an application for CPSS-ASC certification via fax or email.
  9. A plaque will be given to the practice or ASC when CPSS® certification reaches 20% of the total number of employees.
  10. Employee must earn 15 continuing education (CE) hours and recertify every three years, while the practice provides continued support of employees through continuing education opportunities.