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Certified Patient
Service Specialist®

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Providing staff certification and continuing education to increase the quality of patient care.

Program includes

  • Access to online study courses and continuing education (CE) credits
  • Management tools to successfully implement the program in your practice
  • Additional ASC certification for surgery center employees

Benefits of Certification

  • Offers a professional development pathway for new and experienced employees
  • Indicates a high level of competency and commitment to patients
  • Offers a tangible employee benefit that supports staff growth and retention

How it works

  • Practice registers for program and enrolls eligible employees
  • Employee prepares for certification exam by studying included course materials
  • Employee successfully passes certification and maintains CEs to recertify

One-time practice subscription fee.
Affordable individual applicant fees.

All study materials, access to the certification exam, certificate/pin, and three-year certification status are included in the individual fees.

$400 One-time practice fee

$75 Individual fee

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