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Welcome to the first edition of the Certified Patient Service Specialist (CPSS) quarterly newsletter. As you may be aware, the CPSS program launched in June of this year and we are pleased to report that the program has been received with much enthusiasm and excitement. To date, we have over 80 practices enrolled, more than 300 registered applicants, and upwards of 100 Certified Patient Service Specialists.

If you have not already registered your practice, we encourage you to learn more by downloading the attached brochure or contacting our Customer Support team at the number listed above.

Going forward, we will be sending a quarterly newsletter to all CPSS registered practices and applicants to share the latest news related to certification. Join us on the path to commitment in continuing education and focus on excellence in patient care; enroll your practice today if you have not already done so.

Test anxiety is real and very normal for many individuals. Jennifer Laing, the Business Office Manager at Drs. Fine, Hoffman, Packer & Sims, realized that her staff members were experiencing just this when the CPSS program was presented at a meeting. "I think that a lot of people have that reservation when you say 'test' or 'certification test' and they think, 'oh no, I haven't taken a test in years,' or, 'I never do well on tests.'" Deciding to use these pre-test nerves and jitters to her advantage, Jennifer devised a series of learning techniques to help her staff prepare to successfully complete the CPSS exam. Following are some of her tips:

  • Print out the recommended study courses and keep them in a nice binder so they can be reviewed at home and not on the computer.
  • Login to the BSM Connection® Distance Learning Center and complete the course exams to test comprehension in each area of knowledge.
  • Reach out to additional resources in the practice (i.e., physicians, technicians, billing team, etc.) for clarification around areas of weakness. They may have different hints or ways to think about certain things that will help cement the information to memory.
  • Create flashcards to review and self-test some of the more complicated areas of knowledge such as eye anatomy.
  • Play a game like Jeopardy in staff meetings to create a group learning environment, engage all staff members, and keep the activity fun and enjoyable.
  • Set a deadline. It is easy to put something off, especially if it creates anxiety. Having a deadline will help maintain focus on the end goal.

"My staff responded really well...The different ways we studied the information were really helpful." With Jennifer's encouragement and creativity, all of her front office staff were able to successfully pass the exam on their first attempt. "They all went in and were able to complete the test within the 90 minutes, and they were so proud of themselves once they passed... It gave them a sense of empowerment and I really recommend the certification and hope all practices take advantage of it."

Some of our newest Certified Patient Service Specialists may already be thinking about ways to meet the required continuing education (CE) hours every three years. Following is a list of tips and resources to stay on top of these requirements:

  • Don't wait until the last minute to try and acquire 15 CE hours. Spread out the required hours over the course of the three-year certification period, that is only five CEs per year.
  • Visit the BSM Connection® Distance Learning Center for a list of courses you can take online, anywhere, anytime.
  • Remember that attendance at case-conferences or seminars qualify for CE. Go to the Recertification section of the CPSS website to download a documentation form to receive credit for these events.

We are very excited to announce that the first three months of our Certified Patient Service Specialist program are off to a running start. To date, we have certified over 100 nonclinical staff members. Please join us in congratulating the most recent class of Certified Patient Service Specialists!

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